Time and Timelines


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Time and Timelines, where we continue our journey into the understanding of the Reciprocal relationship of Space and Time. We learn that by understanding “Coordinate Time”, we begin to realize how this works and how “navigation” through such relates too but differentiates from “Clock Time & Clock Space”.


We also begin to understand what is:


Precognition is nothing more than seeing something in the distance, in the temporal landscape.
Telepathy is two people standing next to each other in time chatting, regardless of how far apart they are in space.
Telekinesis is just manipulating the temporal component of an object with your temporal arm, and watching how “time changes space.”
Clairvoyance is a pair of temporal binoculars.
Clairaudience is yelling down the street at someone in the temporal landscape.
Clairalience is a barbecue in the temporal neighborhood.




Time and Timelines

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