Godzilla vs Zeus

The Powers That Were


Godzilla vs Zeus

For those of you who are already familiar with the “insider info” that I was providing to David Wilcock in the past, one of the premises I proceed from is that all the modern religions are just different views of the same, global religion. The most obvious root of this global religion comes from Sumeria, circa 4000 BCE, as a historical record of the colonization of the planet by the gods of old known as the ANNUNA, which translates to “the Sons of AN.”

AN (or ANU), himself, was one of the DIĜIR (Gods, Devas, Ás) predominantly known by the Greek name of Cronus or the Roman Saturn. He fathered the ANNUNA (the Olympian Gods) and referred to our world as KI (life, qi or ch’i), because it was just loaded with new life. Some of the ANNUNA took a liking to our world and decided to make it their permanent home, rather than drifting amongst the stars and were referred to as “the Sons of An on Earth”—the ANNUNAKI (Earth gods)—with the sky gods, those that preferred the colony ship keeping the original label of ANNUNA.

Because the ANNUNAKI had a vested interested in their new home, taking command as Planetary Princes (not Kings—AN was still considered the Ruler). 6000 years ago, the ANNUNAKI were the original masters of “The Powers That Be” (TPTB), ruling over the other intelligent life of the planet, from the IGIGI (the slaves brought by the ANNUNA from Azonei), the newly created genetic engineering marvel, humanity, and the native species consisting of homo neanderthalensis (Bigfoot, Sasquatch), their surviving predecessors and the L-Ms, the “Little Men” that included the now mythological races of dwarves, elves, trolls, goblins, faeries and the like. But there be no dragons here except for the gods, themselves, as these giants were saurian in appearance, often described as hideous, tailed amphibians with a crown of horns—later adopted by humanity as a symbol of nobility—the crown of the king.

These gods, however, were masters of genetic engineering, particularly ENKI (Lord of KI, the Earth, lead scientist and engineer) and “Bones” NINHURSAG (Lady of the Mountains, mother nature, chief medical officer), both of whom preferred to live on planet-side against the wishes of their father, AN, and ENKI’s kid brother, ENLIL (Lord of the Storm, military commander, Jehovah). It was their skills with genetics that turned this world into a custom planet for the ANNUNAKI, modifying existing life to better suit their needs, establishing a global agriculture and even large, technically advanced cities, one of which was ERIDU (“home away from home”), now replaced by the modern city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. ENKI’s real home on Earth, however, was past the Pillars of Hercules, over a small sea in the land of the ABZU, AZ (or OZ), known to the native humans as Aztlan, to the later Greeks as Atlantis and in modern days, the now destroyed Bargos Isles at the north pole, parts of the Americas and northern Canada along with remnants of “Phantom” Atlantic islands, which have vanished following subsequent earth changes. The Atlantic was a lot smaller back then.

The original center of The Powers That Were (TPTW) originated in ERIDU and, for the most part, remained there until the Deluge. In those days, power was a real thing called a “ME” (pronounced “may”) in Sumerian, which is normally translated as a “Tablet of Destiny.” If you look online, you will find researchers believe that these were just “seals of the gods” that they would stamp on tablets to make an official document. But that interpretation was created by people buried in the paperwork of bureaucracy, not ancient gods and their technology. Heck, even our Congress ignores the laws that they pass for us, so why would rivalrous gods care if somebody put their “AN Hancock” on a piece of mud?

In actuality, it is more like a “molecular key” used to access the ANNUNA technology on the colony ship that was in orbit around the planet. If you had possession of one or more of these ME, then you controlled their function, all over the world. And they controlled many things, from the weather to the behavior of the population—just like the desires of our good friends in the New World Order with their geoengineering, mind control and psyops. Once you consider what the ME controlled, it is obvious that they are not a “seal.” If they worked like that, Congress could just pass a law prohibiting gravity to exist on NASAs launchpads, to save rocket fuel.

The gods would fight, plot and scheme to get possession of these keys, as the gods, themselves, were not immune to their influence. And apparently they were not copyable much like today’s modern computer encryption systems, where a “one way encryption” that, if the original passphrase is lost, you simply can never recover and have to start anew.

But as time went on, sibling rivalry took hold of ENKI of the Earth gods and ENLIL of the Sky gods, that could not be settled by squealing on each other to their dad, AN.

Trilateral commission and the 3-fold aspect of penning up the slaves.
Trilateral commission and the 3-fold aspect of penning up the slaves.